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EP2100S Veris EP2 Series electropneumatic
EP2 Series electropneumatic transducer, selectable 3-15/0-20 psi output, standard

Veris Industries


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H608 Veris Industries AC Current Sensor 1.25-50
AC Current Sensor 1.25-50 * Split core adjustable current switch. Range 1.25 to 50 Amps. SPST switch rated for 1 amp at 30 volts AC/DC. LED indicators.

Veris Industries


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H708 Veris Industries Current Sensor Adjustable Range
Current Sensor Adjustable Range From 1 To 135 Amps 600 Vac. Contacts Good For 1 Amp At 30 Vac/Dc. Open And Closed Status Lights.

Veris Industries


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H904 Veris Industries Current Sen 3-135A Vfds .1A-Sw
Current Sen 3-135A Vfds .1A-Sw * Microprocessor Current Switch To Provide accurate Status On Loads Controlled By Variable Frequency Drives; Current Sensor 3-135 Amp. Switch Rating=0.1 Amp replaces Differential Pressure Switches.

Veris Industries


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H908 Veris Industries Current Sen 2-135A Split 1A-Sw
Current Sen 2-135A Split 1A-Sw Current Sensor With Split Core Adjustable Range 2.5 To 135 Amps. 600 Vac Contacts Good For 1 Amp At 30 Vac/Dc. Open And Closed Status Lights. HAWKEYE 908

Veris Industries


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H938 Veris Industries Current Sensor Command
Current Sensor Command Adjustable split core current switch with 24VAC/DC SPST relay. Range 2.5-135 amps. Status output contact 1A, Relay 5 amps. LED indication Repl. Hawkeye 938 Hawkeye Hawkeye 938 Hawkeye

Veris Industries


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PWLX04S Veris Industries Diff press trans 10/20/5/100#
Diff press trans 10/20/5/100# * Wet to wet differential pressure transducer. input 12-30 VDC or 24 VAC. Range 0-10/20/50/100 PSID. Output 0-5V, 0-10VDC or 4-20mA. LCD display and LED indication. 1/8 FPT connections

Veris Industries


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VER-TAJI0 Averaging duct sensor. 24 ft. * Duct Sensor With 24' Averaging Element. 1000 Ohms @ 70F. Changes 2.2 Ohms Per Degree. Wiring 22AWG; 2-wire:RTD REPLACES BARBER COLMAN TS9422

Veris Industries


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VMD3B-F24A Veris Socket Relay, 3PDT, DIN, 11 Blade
Socket Relay, 3PDT, DIN, 11 Blade Style, 24 VAC, 16 Amp, CE, UL, LED Indicator, Flag, Test Button

Veris Industries


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